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Distributing all type of E-comerce.Custom design and services.E-Shops with diffrent frameworks.Online banking.


Distribuitng all kind of web and mobile applications.Implementing unique, responsive designs.Latest technologies in Backend and Fronend. Guaranteed free support for the next 2 years!

Lectures and Seminars

I am giving lectures about web development, data bases, script languages, frontend development, backend development at private or public events.It is also possible online lessons.

My portfolio
Some of my projects
cv project
Simple CV

You can check my SPA cv HERE

mobile app
Mobile App

Link to mobile app : HERE

simple lib
Link to light library

Link to simple library : HERE

fashion site
Link to siple fashion site

Link to fashion site HERE

wordpress site
Angular app - rest countries

Link to Rest Countries HERE

simple game
Simple game

Link to js game HERE

fashion site
Startup site

Link to Startup site HERE

About me
A brief history
My beggining January 2015

I was student in Telerik Akademy.I gained a lot of foundamental programming knowledge.
C# basics
C# advanced strings and arrays operations
javascript foundamentals
javascript DOM operations
javascript OOP
SPA applications js

Tito Telerik
Tito acm
My intern July 2015

I began my firts internship as fullstack developer.I gained new skills for PHP, MySQL,jQuery and many more.It was really good experience ,because I saw how everything is happening in real world ,inside the companies.

November 2015 Enter the long nights

I began a new job like a survey programmer.It was for a big American company so I had to work at nights, because of the time difference.It was again a great experience.I learnt some basic python stuffs, linux commands, and also some new html ,css and xml tricks. The problem with live without sleeping was hard in the beginning ,but there were also some good stuffs.I had a free time during the day for university and I really enjoyed "lunch break " at 10 pm, it was great time for pool, and table football :)

Tito pool
Tito OC
March 2016 Move on

I quit my previous job and started work as fullstack web developer.I learned new stuffs for linux and i fell in love with it. I really realised the power of source control systems and especially of git.I learned new stuffs for rest API's , jQuery , jQuery UI and PHP. I also learned about the hybrid applications with cordova and ionic.


I am still working as fullstack web developer.It is my last year of studies and I will become a software enginner( at least on paper). I am still really adventurous and a big dreamer so I am seraching for my next stop.

Tito Sale
Overview of my skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Less
  • Bootstrap
  • Font-awesome
  • js
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • npm
  • Ionic

  • PHP
  • Basic level Python
  • Node.js
  • MVC
  • Good level C#
  • Basic level Java
  • Basic level C
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Codeigniter
  • Basic knowledge Django
  • express

  • Git
  • Linux commands
  • Windows comands
  • Computer Networks
  • Cordova
  • Micro data
  • Rest
  • Web sockets
I am student in Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
This is my last year for bacherol degree in computer science.
If you are interested , here are my github ,fb,gmail and linkedIn profiles.
github : tima-t
fb : Tito Titov
gmail :
A few of my hobbies
Tito Bratislava
Tito chess
Tito Basketball
I really like travelling and explorering new cultures, peoples, places.
I like healthy way of life and I am really into sports ,even like an amateur.
I have won a few chess tournaments ,a nation competition once, but I was younger :)
I like also basketball ,voleyball, almost all sports.
Contact Me
If you want consultation or cooperation for some prohect just contact me.
Gmail :